Our mission is to assist every human being regardless of race, economical condition or political creed, whose life is at risk by offering efficient attention in emergency cases and disaster situations; as well as to promote training throughout the community of Tijuana.

Let’s all be
and sisters"

Seven Fundamental Principles

The seven Fundamental Principles were proclaimed in Vienna in 1965 and create a bond between the National Societies of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, the International Committee and the International Federation of Societies. These Principles guarantee the continuity of the Movement and its humanitarian work. Every aspect of the Institution lies within these Principles:

  • Humanity
  • Imparciality
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Voluntary Service
  • Unity
  • Universality

Transparency and

The Mexican Center of Philanthropy (CEMEFI, by its acronym in Spanish) supports us with its high standards in Institutionalism and Transparency complying with fiscal and legal requirements, transparent resource management, efficient, balanced, and sustainable organizational structure, that allows us to do our job professionally and creates confidence in people.

Work Force

215 people are working daily along with over 500 volunteers, citizens, companies, institutions, and social organizations…

We Are All the Red Cross!

Executive Board

  • Coordinations:
    • Emergency Services
    • Training
    • Medical Services
    • Infirmary
    • Volunteer Ladies
    • Veterans
    • Youth
    • Volunteers
    • Fund Raising
    • Image and Communication
  • Administrative:
    • General Management
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing Department
    • Information Systems
    • Social Services
    • Warehouse
    • Planning

Voluntary Work

The creation of the Red Cross movement has the objective of promoting volunteer work among children, teenagers, and adults, in accordance to the Institutional philosophy of the Fundamental Principles to motivate the fulfillment of our mission.


  • Training.
  • Education and Human Development.
  • Social Service.
  • Professional Practice.

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"We all create volunteering”

Human Resources.

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Plan and prepare

Come learn with us. Help us promote a culture of prevention through trainings to save lives in case of emergencies and disasters.

What to do in case of…?


Are you prepared for a fire?
This is what you can do to prepare yourself in the event of such emergency.

Protect your home from floods.

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